Patrick Boaz made the decision to purchase the first piece land in 2002 after starting many other successful companies. His grandfather was an old time rancher and felt the connection to his roots. Jim Gardner, who has been the ranch manager for three years, has many years of ranch management experience as well as a degree in Animal Science from the University of Utah. His expertise, knowledge and understanding of animal genetics along with his everyday dedication to the care of the animals are what give this ranch an advantage.

PHD Ranches consists of main properties along the Red River in Southern Oklahoma into the Northern most area of Texas totaling 5,000 acres. The calves start on wheat pastures in February and eventually move onto grass in July. They have recently installed 10 water tanks that get fresh well water so that the cattle always have the best water. Everything starts from the beginning. The Bud Williams Low Stress Handling technique is used here at PHD Ranches which requires a lot of patience and time but will put less stress on the cattle which in turn leads to a better end product. All of the cattle are non-hormone treated cattle and the ranch is by IMI Global annually. Upon arrival the cattle were as curious as ever which means they are comfortable with the ranches and trusting.